How to Optimize Your Website’s Page Speed

To enhance a website’s page speed below are a few tips.

1.Enable Browser Caching Browser caching reduces the number of HTTP requests,this helps a website to load faster.

2.Enable compression  it is a compression utility it reduces the HTML and CSS file size, before sending these to the internet browsers.
3.Asynchronous Scripts to improve a website load faster we can load scripts asynchronously use

<script async src="http://host/script_filename.js"></script>

4.Content Delivery Network (CDN) it is a network of servers located at various locations. Each server has a copy of all website’s files. When a visitor  requests a file or a webpage, it is served from the server that is geographically nearest to the website’s visitor or from the server which is having a less load time.

5.Minifying JavaScript and CSS  it will remove all unnecessary spaces and comments from JavaScript and CSS files  reducing the file size.

6.CSS at the top and JS at the bottom  put your CSS at top of your page , as browsers won’t render a page before rendering the CSS file.on the other hand, Javascript should be at bottom because scripts block everything until the it is completely loaded.

Note:To test Performance of your website use

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